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Increase your firewood production with the high-quality Palax firewood processors. Find the best match for your needs in our Product Catalog, introducing the latest models and accessories which help you process logs into firewood with great efficiency.

The Palax firewood processors are known for their robustness, reliability and ease of use – they are a perfect choice for anyone who requires ultimate productivity for demanding professional use. Above all, Palax machines retain their value well. Read more at

Check out also the new X-Aim accessory for automatic height adjustment of the splitting wedge: palax-x-aim-brochure-02-2020-EN


Czech version 03/2021 palax-product catalog-03-2021-CZ


English version 05/2022 palax-product catalog-05-2022-EN (web)


Estonian version 2018 palax-product-catalog-2018-web-ET


Finnish version 05/2022 palax-tuotekatalogi-05-2022-FI (web)


French version 03/2021 palax-produit-catalogue-03-2021-FR


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Russian version 2018 palax-product-catalog-2018-web-RU


Spanish version 11/2019 palax-producto-catálogo-10-2019-web-ES


Swedish version 05/2022 palax-produkt-katalog-05-2022-SV (web)


  Japanese version Palax 製品カタログ【日本語】03_2021_JPN

Palax product catalogs

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