X-Aim for Palax firewood processors

With X-Aim, you get consistent quality firewood automatically

Benefit from greater productivity with Palax X-Aim

Palax launches a new feature for firewood processors: X-Aim monitors the diameter of the log and automatically adjusts the splitting wedge to the optimum height. X-Aim allows the user to concentrate on feeding wood from the log table to the firewood processor and cutting. Thus X-Aim enables ease of use and adds efficiency to the firewood production. The splitting is automated and results in consistently high quality firewood despite the varying diameter of the log.

Increased efficiency for firewood production

When log size varies, the user doesn’t have to worry about adjusting the height of the splitting wedge; instead, the machine measures the diameter of the new log before cutting and sets the splitting wedge to the desired height. The user can also set the desired minimum thickness for the tree below which the splitting wedge will automatically be raised and the small trunks will be split only in half. This increases productivity and enables more efficient production of miscellaneous timber.

With X-Aim’s intelligence, the user also gets real-time data on work productivity: the touch encoder distinguishes processed cubes, hours of operation, number of cycles and saw squares.

Explore X-Aim compatible machines at Palax product pages: circular saw firewood processors C1000.2, C900.2 and C750.2 as well as chain saw machine D410.

Check out also the X-Aim brochure: palax-x-aim-brochure-02-2020-EN

X-Aim for Palax firewood processors X-Aim for Palax firewood processors

The X-Aim is available for the new mid to large Palax firewood processors. 

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